Tailored Simulation Solutions & Digital Twins Creation Leveraging Kratos Multiphysics



Research Group:

Kratos Multiphysics


Riccardo Rossi Bernacoli, Rubén Zorrilla Martínez, Sebastián Ares de Parga Regalado, Carlos Roig Pina, Jordi Jiménez



Our solution revolves around Kratos Multiphysics, an open source multiphysics simulation software. This software forms the basis for developing specialized client-specific modules and creating comprehensive training programs. A major offering involves using Kratos Multiphysics for developing reduced order models (simplified representations of complex systems that capture essential behaviour and characteristics). These reduced order models form the basis for digital twins and digital shadows (virtual replicas that mirror and predict the behaviour of their physical counterparts in real-time)

Type of asset:



Computer Applications in Science & Engineering


The development and effective utilization of open-source simulation software like Kratos Multiphysics often present a steep learning curve for many organizations. Additionally, the creation of reduced order models for digital twins and shadows (key tools for real-time system optimization and prediction) is complex and requires advanced knowledge and expertise, which many organizations lack


We offer specialized solutions by developing custom modules in Kratos Multiphysics, tailored to clients' needs. Additionally, we will provide comprehensive tutorials and training programs. A significant aspect of our services will focus on the development of reduced order models and delivering digital twins and shadows. This will empower clients with real-time mirroring and prediction tools for their physical systems

Aplication areas:

Aerospace (advanced simulations for the design, testing, and optimization of aircraft and spacecraft), automotive (simulations to aid the design process, from materials to aerodynamics, thermal management, and structural mechanics), civil engineering and infrastructure (simulations for stress testing, modelling of structures and materials, and seismic analysis), energy (particularly in renewable energy, like wind and solar, simulations can optimize designs for maximum efficiency), manufacturing (simulations to test and optimize manufacturing processes, material strength, thermal management, and fluid flow), healthcare technology (for devices that involve fluid dynamics or structural mechanics, such as ventilators or implantable devices, simulations can assist in design and testing), marine (design and optimization of ships, submersibles, or offshore structures can greatly benefit from simulations for fluid-structure interactions), and Internet of Things (IoT devices, particularly those involving physical processes or environments, can benefit from simulations during the design phase)


Our unique approach is rooted in the development of digital twins and shadows based on reduced order models. Not only do we offer customization through the development of modules tailored for specific problems in Kratos Multiphysics, but we also provide comprehensive training to clients. This empowers them to independently manage and potentially edit their digital twins or shadows in the future. Providing clients with the technology and knowledge to create and manipulate these digital tools represents an innovative service that significantly enhances their capacity for real-time decision-making and operational efficiency. This combination of customization, training, and focus on reduced order models sets us apart in the field


Open-Source License (BSD4), trademark for “Kratos Multiphysics” registered in Europe

Target market:

Organizations within aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, energy, manufacturing, healthcare technology, marine, and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors who seek to leverage digital twin technology for enhanced real-time decision making and process optimization


Digital twins, digital shadows, simulations, reduced order models

TRL: 5

CRL: 5

BRL: 2


TmRL: 3

FRL: 1

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