The Barcelona Supercomputing Center opened its doors on July 20 to the participants of the Exponential Day 23 and Catalonia Exponential Leaders 2023, organized by ACCIÓ, presenting Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, a disruptive spin-off born from BSC itself.

Ana Simon Villacampa, Open Innovation and Disruption Deputy Director at ACCIÓ, was in charge of opening the session. Mariona Sanz Ausàs (Head of Innovation and Business Development Unit at BSC, and Anna Escoda (Technology Transfer Manager at BSC), presented the BSC case and how it is becoming a benchmark in the deeptech and innovation field, with an ecosystem HPC in Catalonia that has been growing exponentially in the last five years.

Artur Garcia-Saez (Quantic Leader Researcher at BSC and co-founder at Qilimanjaro) and Marta P Estarellas (CEO at Qilimanjaro), explained the case of Qilimanjaro: an innovative quantum computing project that will enable operations that are currently unimaginable. They will be leading (together with BSC) the first project on quantum computing in the Spanish state.

During the session, the attendees were able to see the first quantum chip built by Qilimanjaro, that enables to simulate an hydrogen molecule.



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