GiD Simulation Cloud Platform

Platform for simulation tools based in cloud architecture



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GiD Pre and Post-processing platform


Abel Coll, Enrique Escolano, Miguel Pasenau, Adrià Melendo, Javier Gárate, Anna Monros, Laura Santos

GiD Simulation Cloud Platform


GiD Simulation Cloud Platform is a platform for simulation tools based in a cloud architecture covering all the steps of a simulation (pre-processing, solver, and post-processing). It is designed to integrate all kind of solvers from scientific to engineering fields, all of them integrated in a user friendly Graphycal User Interface (GUI) and a 3D visualization environment. The goal of the project is to democratize the use of simulation tools (specially for HPC) thanks to a Software as a Service (SaaS) use paradigm, which will facilitate the use of simulation tools specially to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) and research communities.

Type of asset:



Computer Applications in Science & Engineering


Easy access to powerful simulation tools of different engineering and scientific fields and powerful computing resources from light devices such as tablets and smart phones.


Integration of GiD universal pre and post-processing system into a cloud architecture and connection of it to the different services (all of them in cloud) and applications to allow the user the access to the whole simulation process: licence manager, model manager, marketplace of simulation apps, 3D GUI in browser for interacting with the model and advanced web-based 3D visualizer for dealing with complex and large models and simulation data.

Aplication areas:

We cover a wide range of both scientific and engineering application areas. Scientific areas such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Mechanics, Electromagnetics, Geotechnics, Hydraulic and Hydrology and Earth sciences among others. Engineering areas such as marine engineering, geotechnics, river hydrology, structural analysis, bio-medical simulations, casting processes, sheet stamping processes, 3D printing, aerospace engineering, electromagnetic compatibility, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics among others.


: From the perspective of the end users, the main novelty is to offer in an internet browser and light devices (such as tablets and smart phones) a complete set of simulation tools for simulating a wide set of processes integrated in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. From the perspective of the solver developers, the main advantage is to offer a platform where they can integrate easily their solvers and build a complete simulation application which may be used by all the users without the need for them (the developers) to know about the cloud infrastructure and visualization technologies underlying.


The use of the platform will be licence-based, and we will follow a Software as a Service business model.

Target market:

Research centers and technical universities dealing with simulation tools for research in scientific and engineering fields. Companies and industry needing simulation tools to solve scientific and engineering problems.


Simulations, computer analysis, customization, pre and post processing

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CRL: 2

BRL: 2


TmRL: 5

FRL: 3

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