The 2023 edition of the Innovation Journey, BSC-CNS‘s technology transfer training program, wrapped up remarkably on Wednesday, December 13, amidst the Tech Spirit Barcelona event, marking an exceptional conclusion to a series of impactful sessions.

Tailored for researchers nurturing entrepreneurial aspirations, this year’s program engaged 15 projects across 7 training sessions, aiming to equip participants with the essential tools and resources to materialize their most innovative concepts. 

Distinguishing itself from previous editions, this year’s program expanded its scope, welcoming researchers not just from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center but also from the X4HPC network. This inclusive approach fosters collaborative synergies among diverse research entities, fostering a richer ecosystem. 

The program’s grand finale unfolded at Llotja de Mar during the Tech Spirit Barcelona event, offering attendees insights into the showcased projects and celebrating the achievements of the award winners. 

Among the awarded projects were: 

  1. HoriZyme: (From BSC) A solution targeting the prevention of microplastics in water via specialized enzyme design. Collaborating with EADA’s Market Assessment Program, this project secured guidance for developing its business model. Researcher: Rubén Muñoz
  2. OneCareAI: (From BSC) Focused on enhancing stroke risk prediction using AI technology. Through collaboration with Norrsken Barcelona, it earned a year-long HouseMembership, granting full access to their space and innovation hub community.  Researchers: Daniele Lezzi, Davide Cirillo
  3. SimTwins: (From CIMNE) Revolutionizing industries with Digital Twins technology. Teaming up with Barcelona Activa, this project earned a fast track into a pre-acceleration program, supporting deep-tech entrepreneurial ventures to bring their innovations to market.” Researchers: Riccardo Rossi Bernacoli, Rubén Zorrilla Martínez, Sebastián Ares de Parga Regalado, Carlos Roig Pina, Jordi Jiménez

This year’s Innovation Journey not only provided a platform for groundbreaking projects but also fostered collaborations and recognized endeavors poised to make significant impacts in various sectors.

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