* Check the agenda of activities at the MWC, Portfolio technologies MWC and the Spin-off Catalog at 4YFN

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the X4HPC Network for HPC in Catalonia will be at the 4YFN 2024, with a booth with 10 spinoffs. We will count with spinoffs such as: Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, S.L. (BSC), Bytelab Solutions, S.L. (Nextmol) (BSC), ELEM Biotech, S.L. (BSC), Nostrum Biodiscovery, S.L. (BSC), Flexible Integrated Circuits, S.L. (FlexiiC) (CNM-CSIC), Qbeast Analytics, S.L. (BSC), Mitiga Solutions, S.L. (BSC), Frontwave Imaging, S.L. (BSC), Nearby Computing, S.L. (BSC), Energy Aware Solutions S.L. (BSC).

Come join us in both events that we have organized for you:

  • Presentation X4HPC at Booth BSC 4YFN (Stand 8.015B – Hall 8) on Tuesday 27th Feb at 11h

Presentation X4HPC activities and their progress by Maria Rosés, manager of the X4HPC (Guests: Department of Research and Universities, Agaur and Tech Transfer Offices of the X4HPC)

  • Entrepreneurship at BSC Panel at the Stand MWCapital at 4YFN (Hall 8.1) on Wednesday 28th Feb at 11:15h – 12:15h


  • Introduction and importance of Technology Transfer (Anna Escoda from BSC)
  • Panel 1: From research to Spin-off (Anna Escoda from BSC, Winners of Innovation Journey: HoriZyme Rubén Muñoz – BSC, OneCareAI Daniele Lezzi, Davide Cirillo – BSC, SimTwins Sebastián Ares de Parga Regalado – CIMNE)
  • Panel 2: The adventure of creating a Spin-Off (Anna Escoda from BSC, Sébastien Lefebvre, partner at Elaia, Victor Canivell, Co-Founder of Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech)
  • Wrap up by tech transfer (Anna Escoda from BSC)
  • Networking event at our booth on Wednesday 28th Feb at 13h

On Wednesday, February 28th at 1:00 PM, we will be hosting a Networking event for the entire Deep Tech and Supercomputing entrepreneurship ecosystem at our booth. The event will bring together corporates, investors, researchers, accelerators, and spinoffs from BSC and the X4HPC network.

We invite all our researchers, spinoffs and collaborators to attend, as it will be a unique opportunity to boost visibility and connect with influential entrepreneurs, investors and corporates.

Come join us at 4YFN in Hall 8 (Stand 8.0B15) next February 28th at 13h and be part of the High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem in Catalonia!!

  • BSC presenting microprocessor RISC-V at ACCIÓ stand  on Wednesday 28th Feb at 17:30h

The presentation will be given by Miquel Moretó, BSC researcher

In this talk, we will cover the different RISC-V-based designs that BSC has designed, verified and fabricated in the last 5 years. This includes four generations of the Lagarto general purpose processor and different domain-specific accelerators based on the RISC-V technology, targeting applications in the field of high performance computing, post-quantum security, genomics and autonomous navigation.

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